Real Steel Coloring Pages Boy

real steel coloring pages boy

A few days ago on the recommendation of a friend, I watched the film Real Steel. This fiction film is made based on the film Steel (1956). He just said this film “looks like a Transformer”. It turns out that I get more than that. This film tells the story of a superior fighter played by Hugh Jackman (that is you know Wolverine X-Men) who must face a number of robots and his own ego. You can get Real Steel Coloring Pages Boy.

real steel coloring pages boy

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Who will win? Machine or human? In 2020, robots replace humans in boxing. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a former boxer who lives alone as a fighter but is now behind his robots. He risked his wealth and time to compete and win bets between gamers and robots. The story begins when Charlie installs his robot, Ambush to fight with Black Thunder, a bull’s promoter named Ricky. The game ended unfairly, Ambush was destroyed by Black Thunder. Charlie then owes Ricky $ 20,000 and tries to run away. Take Real Steel Coloring Pages Boy. 

real steel coloring pages drawing

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After his defeat, Charlie was shocked by the news that his ex-lover died. Not just leaving sadness, Charlie was also abandoned by an 11-year-old boy, Max (a child from their first relationship). Charlie did not expect Max’s whereabouts at first, he intended to relinquish Max’s custody to the family of the wealthy ex, Debra and Marvin. In the midst of his defeat, Charlie’s cunning brain found an idea to get a new gold mine through Max.

real steel coloring pages free

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He would relinquish custody of the ex’s family on condition he could spend the summer with Max and he asked for $ 100,000. Unbeknownst to Debra, Marvin agreed and Max had to be returned 3 months later. Max who knows Charlie is trying to sell it for the robot fighter increasingly hates Charlie as his father.

real steel coloring pages kid

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real steel coloring pages printable

real steel coloring pages printable. Image via

Charlie intends to leave Max with his friend, Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly). Then buy Noisy Boy, the legendary robot that has won many international battles. It turns out they both have in common, like games and robot battles. Finally, Max refused to live with Bailey and Ikur with Charlie traveled to win the title with Noisy Boy. They brought Noisy Boy to an illegal match. Just take Real Steel Coloring Pages Boy.