Optimus Prime Coloring Page Printable

optimus prime coloring page printable

Optimus Prime Coloring Page Printable

Optimus Prime is a Transformers movie’s character, also known as Convoy in Japan. He is a Cybertronian, an alien species of humanoid mobile robot (e.g. cars and other objects), a synergistic mixture of biological evolution and technical technology. Optimus Prime is the Prime and Autobots’ official leader during Cybertron’s war, as well as the Team Prime’s leader. Originally known as Orion Pax before the Great War, Optimus Prime was a young data clerk working in Iacon under Alpha Trion’s wing. Get it now, Optimus Prime Coloring Page Printable!

optimus prime coloring page activity

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Optimus Prime is consistently portrayed as having strong moral character, excellent leadership, and sound decision-making abilities, and has brilliant military tactics. In addition, Optimus Prime has a strong sense of justice, dedicated to building peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence with humans, protecting all sentient species from life and freedom.

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optimus prime coloring page free

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While all the other members of the Thirteen each possessed unique abilities and items, no special powers or weapons were used by Optimus. It was only through his vision and courage that Unicron was ultimately defeated by the Thirteen. Enjoy coloring Optimus Prime Coloring Page Printable now!

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optimus prime coloring page printable

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The Autobots are constantly waging civil war against a rival faction called Decepticons, a transforming robot. Years of war with his old friend / rival, Megatron, brought Optimus and his group to Earth. On Earth, Optimus and his team are fighting to survive and end the brutal war once and for all against their enemies. Check this out, Optimus Prime Coloring Page Printable