Inuyasha Coloring Pages Characters

inuyasha coloring pages printable

Inuyasha Coloring Pages Characters

Inuyasha is an extremely popular anime based on Rumiko Takahashi’s popular manga. Also known as Inuyasha, Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale. The show was on Japanese television for seven seasons, it premiered on November 13,1996 at the Weekly Shōnen Sunday and ended on June 18, 2008 (167 episodes). Just take Inuyasha Coloring Pages Characters with you!

inuyasha coloring pages characters

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The appearance of Inuyasha is a combination of his dog demon father and human mother: he has his father’s long silver hair, yellow eyes, and claws, but does not have facial markings in the manner of his half-breed or pointed humanoid ears, instead he has a special pair of fuzzy silver Akita dog ears on his face.

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While being a half-breed, a hanyō, Inuyasha’s deep demon heritage inherited from his father provides him with supernatural physical attributes and resilience; he possesses raw strength as well as agility and reflexes considerably superior to that of all lower-level yōkai and most middle-level or even higher-level yōkai. His physical ability coupled with determination and swordsmanship allows him to challenge even the tougher yōkai at the higher level. You can try to get Inuyasha Coloring Pages Characters.

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inuyasha coloring pages printable

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Unfortunately, the disadvantage of his demon blood is that in near-death situations, he loses his human soul. As a result, he becomes stronger, but also a mindless killing machine. Due to his half-breed blood, on the night of a new moon, Inuyasha briefly sheds all his demon features and abilities, eventually becoming fully human. Let’s have fun by coloring the Inuyasha Coloring Pages Characters!