Count by 2 Worksheet Chart

count by 2 worksheet printable

Skip counting or two, three, four and so on counts, is one of the important bases in learning to count, and will later be used to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication to division. You can try to get Count by 2 Worksheet Chart for your learning purposes here for free.

count by 2 worksheet activity

count by 2 worksheet activity. Image via

.Teaching jumping counts can be started from the early elementary school age (kindergarten also can, but emphasized on the ‘play’) as long as the child is able to say back and forth in sequence. But what needs to be considered is how to introduce skip counting. Adjust to the child’s ability and readiness. You can take Count by 2 Worksheet Chart with you.

There are so many ways to teach jump counts to children in kindergarten and elementary school age. Here are some of them:

1. Using a counter.
Counters are objects that are used to learn to count and count. In the past, our teachers/parents used sticks, but they could also be buttons, beads, ice cream sticks, pieces of paper, marbles, collections of Hotwheels, water beads, pompoms, whatever, as long as they were small and large in number. Counter groups in the same specified number, for example, two-two, three-three, according to the jump count to be taught.

count by 2 worksheet chart

count by 2 worksheet chart. Image via

Encourage children to mention the number of counters if added by each group, not one by one. Or put the counter in a container, one group – one group (one group at one time). The child may count the number of counters one by one, but may only mention the final number of each group that has been entered.
For example, if you count the buttons that are put in the bag, in groups of two (groups of 2), children can only mention the number 2, then 4 (while entering the second button group), 6, 8, etc. Or by meronce beads, or by making a line of Hotwheels

count by 2 worksheet easy

count by 2 worksheet easy. Image via

count by 2 worksheet for kids

count by 2 worksheet for kids. Image via

2. Using gestures.
Children who can not be silent may be difficult told to sit and count the beads. Another way, let it move. For example, stick the number labels on the tiles in sequence 1,2,3,4 and so on (or use chalk on a cement field, so remember the game from a little era …). Then invite him to jump-start from 1, then directly to 3, directly to 5 and so on.
Change the starting point, then jump again with the same pattern.

count by 2 worksheet fun

count by 2 worksheet fun. Image via

count by 2 worksheet practice

count by 2 worksheet practice. Image via

3. With pictures.
Print pictures of two-legged animals, or four, or three-wheeled vehicles, etc., in small sizes, then multiply. Cut out each picture. Encourage children to count the number of chicken feet, the number of cat legs, number of motor wheels, etc.

count by 2 worksheet printable

count by 2 worksheet printable. Image via

4. With a number line
Draw lines of large numbers, write colorful numbers alternating intermittently with certain patterns, for example even numbers in red, odd blue. Or every 3 numbers change color. Encourage children to make a jump line every two or three numbers, according to the color pattern. What do you waiting for? Our collections are here for free. You need the Count by 2 Worksheet Chart for quick learning.