Jackie Robinson Coloring Page Cartoon

jackie robinson coloring page cartoon

Robinson was born in Pasadena, Calif., and was the world-class athlete at Pasadena Junior College and Los Angeles University (UCLA). He was exceptional in soccer, basketball, track and baseball. During his third year, Robinson quit UCLA to support his mom during taking care of the parents. You can take Jackie… Read more“Jackie Robinson Coloring Page Cartoon”

DNA Coloring Transcription and Translation Activity

dna coloring transcription and translation school

RNA is very similar to DNA in ribonucleic acid. RNA is usually a single strand (and not DNA double-stranded helix). The nucleus, adenine, guanine, and cytosine are the same. Instead, there’s a different compound called uracil, but there’s no thymine present in RNA. Well, you need to take DNA Coloring… Read more“DNA Coloring Transcription and Translation Activity”

David and Goliath Coloring Page Activity

david and goliath coloring page printable

This story happened around 3,000 years ago in the territory of Ancient Palestine when the Kingdom of Israel had just been established. At that time there was a battle between a shepherd and a giant, which eventually became a metaphor for an impossible victory from someone or something weak over… Read more“David and Goliath Coloring Page Activity”